Here is a roundup of some interesting links and tiny things posted to Cultivate’s today_i_learned Slack channel.

  • In Ruby, you can use bundler without a Gemfile
  • Using Elixir mix xref callers Module.function displays all the code calling that function
  • Openssl on the command line is good if you want some random stuff. eg openssl rand -hex 16 outputs a 32 character random hex string. openssl rand -base64 12 outputs a 12 character random base64 string.
  • When using Express.js, if you want to pass some data from one middleware to a subsequent middleware or the handler, you can put it into response local variables
  • When previewing Jekyll blogs (like this) using jekyll -serve, blogs dated in the future will not be displayed unless you use the the --future flag
  • Some handy ssh tips, including using ssh-copy-id
  • Voyagers 1 and 2 are still collecting data and communicating from 13 and 11 billion miles away